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“Ramadan 1444”

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Salé: HM the King Launches National Operation “Ramadan 1444” to Benefit Nearly 5 Million People

Salé: HM the King Launches National Operation

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, accompanied by HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, launched on Friday in Sidi Moussa, Lamrissa district in Salé, the national operation “Ramadan 1444”, initiated by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and benefiting nearly 5 million people

This action of generosity, highly significant during this blessed month, reflects the constant Royal solicitude towards the populations in situation of social vulnerability and comes to consecrate the values of humanity, solidarity, mutual aid and sharing, characteristics of the Moroccan society

Mobilizing a budget of 390 million dirhams, the “Ramadan 1444” operation is characterized this year by the increase, in accordance with the High Royal Instructions, of the number of beneficiaries, which went from 600,000 households during the previous edition to one million families, living in 83 provinces and prefectures of the Kingdom and of which 77% live in rural areas

His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, has also given, on the occasion of this 24th edition, His High Instructions to enrich the food aid composition with new products, including rice and milk

Organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs, this national operation has become over time an annual occasion to provide assistance and comfort to the most vulnerable social categories, including widows, the elderly and people with disabilities

It is in line with the humanitarian program conducted by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and aims to provide support to those most in need, while promoting the culture of solidarity

For the smooth running of this operation, thousands of people are mobilized, supported by social workers and volunteers, at the distribution points set up throughout the country. They will ensure the delivery of food aid to heads and representatives of beneficiary families

The implementation of this initiative is also subject to controls, particularly at the level of two committees, one local and the other provincial, which monitor the supply of distribution centers, the identification of beneficiaries and the distribution of foodstuffs. In fact, the identification of the beneficiaries is subject, as every year, to a field work carried out by the local authorities and allowing to evaluate the living conditions of these people and their current situation on the basis of socio-economic criteria

The social services of the Royal Armed Forces, the National Mutual Aid, the National Promotion and the local authorities also lend their support to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity to ensure the smooth running of this solidarity operation. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the National Office of Food Safety (ONSSA) ensure, for their part, the quality control of food products distributed

On this occasion, His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, gave, in a symbolic gesture, baskets of foodstuffs to 10 heads or representatives of families benefiting from the “Ramadan 1444” operation, before posing for a souvenir photo with volunteers who participate in this operation of solidarity

The national operation of food support has, since its launch in 1998, mobilized a total budget of nearly 2 billion dirhams, with a number of beneficiary families that has increased from 34,100 in 1998 to one million this year

The “Ramadan 1444” operation is thus added to the various humanitarian actions and initiatives undertaken by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in order to promote the culture of solidarity and to ensure a sustainable human development


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