Fact: Omicron

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Appears to be less severe than the Delta variant, but it should not be seen as mild 
Omicron should not be dismissed as a mild virus. Although the probability of developing severe disease is lower, many will still get seriously ill. Severe cases and deaths continue to occur from Omicron infection 
Although a number of countries have shown that infection severity from Omicron in their populations has been lower when compared to Delta, this has been mostly observed in countries with high vaccination rates. Without the vaccines, many more people would likely need hospitalization. It is too early to say what impact Omicron will have on countries with lower vaccination uptake and on the most vulnerable groups 
Myth: As Omicron is less severe, we will see fewer hospitalizations and our health systems will be able to cope 
Fact: Omicron still presents a high risk to our health systems 
The overall risk related to Omicron remains very high for a number of reasons. First, the global risk of COVID-19 remains substantially elevated overall. Second, current data indicate that Omicron has a significant growth advantage over Delta, leading to rapid spread in the community. The fast increase in cases will lead to an increase in hospitalizations, potentially causing overwhelming demands on health care systems and leading to significant morbidity, particularly in vulnerable populations 

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