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Tunisia is a battlefield during World War II

Professor Mohamed Boukhris wrote: Tunisia turned into a battlefield between the Allied and Axis forces between November 1942 and May 1943 within the framework of what is known as the “Tunisia Campaign.” A new Tunisian and international situational situation emerged from the war that contributed to the revival of national action.

  Since the beginning of the war, France has adopted a repressive policy in Tunisia, with its manifestations: the abolition of public freedoms, the stifling of national activity, the tightening of censorship on newspapers and the disruption of some of them, “Young Tunisia”, the transfer of detained constitutional leaders to Saint Nicolas Prison in Marseille, stopping the new constitutional leaders, the intensification of recruitment operations, which included more From 40,000 people, the policy of intimidation and revenge escalated when the allies retook Tunisia, and more than 10,000 people were imprisoned on charges of collaborating with the Axis. This retaliatory policy provoked widespread protests and rebellions in some quarters (Zermedeen Ras al-Jabal…) 

  1. The defeat of France and the decline of its colonial influence: France was defeated in the war, so the axes occupied its lands, and public opinion was divided in it between the supporters of the “Vichy” government, which called for cooperation with the axis, and the supporters of General de Gaulle, who called for the continuation of the struggle. This division between the French lost France a large part of its international radiance and moral influence within the colonies, and German propaganda famously declared the French defeat and France’s involvement of the Maghreb peoples in the war, and Germany promised these peoples freedom and independence. In Tunisia, the axes worked to reduce the influence of the protection authority and released the detainees (Habib Bourguiba, Saleh Ben Youssef…) and allowed them to continue their political activities. “The Renaissance” and “The Flower”) 

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