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Tourism In Kuwait

Tourism In Kuwait…Pearl Diving

Pearls, in the past, were the main source of wealth in Kuwait and not oil. Today, annual pearl diving festivals are held to help younger generations feel excitement and hardship faced by their forefathers. These festivals are a tribute to men who spent their lives searching for pearls. The young divers make extensive preparations and arrangements for the event; they are submitted to rigorous diving and sailing training, meet experienced captains and old divers and listen to them explaining the intricacies of pearl diving, and familiarize themselves with the necessary equipment

Previously, sailboats or dhows were prepared first by pulling them along the shore. Then, any cracks were caulked with cotton dipped in shark oil. Finally, the body of the ship was manually smeared over, up to the water line, by a thick coating of noora (a mixture of shark oil and powder). These dhows were made of Indian teak. This teak is made waterproofed by using the traditional mixture of sheep oil and lime

Today, costumes of pearl-divers are the same as their forefathers’. They wear the wazar, which is a wrap-around skirt that also serves as a head wrap, along with diving trunks and T-shirts. Fishermen, also, wear the fotam (nose-clip), dieng (neck basket) and hajer (toe anchor). When diving, the diver is secured to the ship’s railing with a rope tied around his waist. Each diver has a helper who remains on the surface holding the rope all the time. Once the diver is ready to surface, he tugs on the rope, then, his helper pulls him up. The end of the festival is celebrated in an atmosphere of folk singing and dancing

 Tourism In Kuwait

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