The Kingdom of Morocco hosted, on October 21, 2022 in Rabat, the meeting between the President of the High Council of State in Libya, Mr. Khaled Meshri, and the Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Mr. Aguila Saleh Issa.

During this meeting, the following was agreed upon:

  1. To implement the outputs of the inter-Libyan dialogue of Bouznika on the posts of sovereignty in the coming weeks and before the end of December.
  2. To ensure that there is a single executive power in Libya as soon as possible, in accordance with the arrangements and mechanisms agreed upon between the two councils.
  3. To resume dialogue in order to do what is necessary to initiate presidential and parliamentary elections in accordance with clear legislation, in agreement between the two councils.
  4. To continue holding consultations between the two councils regarding the aforementioned issues in the Kingdom of Morocco.
  5. To thank His Majesty King Mohammed VI for the attention he gives to the Libyan issue and for His constant and continuous support to the Libyan brothers in order to find an inter-Libyan to the current crisis.



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