The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cares about its economy and prosperity. It aims to be an attractive and stimulating investment destination for continuation and expansion, so a ministry concerned with investment has allocated one of its most essential tasks to empowering investors to access investment opportunities and providing them with facilities, flexibility, and other services.

  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia advanced 29 ranks in the “Doing Business 2020” report issued by the World Bank. In addition to conducting more than 555 reforms to better serve investors leading to a reduction in the time required to start a business from 15 days to 30 minutes only. The Kingdom also increased the number of SMEs in 2020 to more than 626,000.

Domestic investment

  The Kingdom is keen to identify and develop investment opportunities and stimulate local investment by providing investors with facilities and services. The Ministry of Investment takes the lead in developing the investment environment in the Kingdom and helps the local investor through:

  Conducting economic analyses of the market, whether by providing various and standard information or providing and developing reports and case studies, sharing this information on databases, and assisting in feasibility studies.

Building partnerships and linking with commercial and industrial entities and with local companies for potential partnerships.

Preparing field visits to the investor, preparing logistics and reservations, and coordinating meetings with government agencies and related parties.

Providing all assistance related to starting work from searching for a suitable location, providing legal advice, and coordinating with the competent authorities.

Offer incentives.

Facilitate doing business.

Addressing operational problems for investors.

To find out all the services, you can view the services guide and benefit from the services; you can visit this page. bankruptcy lawThe Kingdom provided protection to the private sector through the bankruptcy law and its bylaws, which is intended to enable debtors to reconcile their financial issues and resume their activities while maintaining creditors’ rights. It was established by the Bankruptcy Commission to improve the security of doing business in the Kingdom and raise the awareness of the business community. The commission has achieved the following: •    Issued and developed legal standards, models and documents stipulated in the Law and its Implementing Regulations, in   coordination with the stakeholders. •    Managed 99 administrative liquidation procedures. •    Examined 17 complaints on the open bankruptcy procedures as per the Law requirements. •    Issued licenses to 94 bankruptcy trustees, as well as 56 experts, which can be viewed through the commission’s website. •    Established a bankruptcy register that can be viewed through the commission’s webs

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