? What Jusoor

? What Jusoor

 The idea:Functioning under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jusoor programme was established to address matters concern to lady diplomats. The programme works on two levels: The first is related to lady diplomats or the wives of diplomats assigned to the Kingdom of Bahrain, and seeks to assist in drawing their attention to the culture, heritage and achievements of the Kingdom. The second level seeks to improve their conduct to a level that truly reflects the image of the modern Bahraini woman 

Statement by Shaikha Wessal bint Mohammed Al Khalifa – Akhbar Alkhaleej Newspaper 3 March 2013

  1. The Kingdom of Bahrain appointed Lady Diplomats Programme 

This section of Jusoor is aiming at 

Establishing a society for lady diplomats appointed to the Kingdom, and the wives of diplomats 

Introducing members to the local culture, heritage, and national achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain 

Creating social and networking opportunities to assist members to blend into Bahraini society 

Promoting the Cultural exchange between countries through encouraging the accredited missions in Bahrain to organize cultural activities under the patronage of Jusoor 

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  1. The Bahraini Lady Diplomats Programme 

This section of Jusoor is aiming to Establishing a society for the wives of Bahraini diplomats in order to facilitate the development of a community 

Developing linguistic skills through a series of programmes and lectures 

Providing support that helps members adapt to their new societies while on diplomatic missions in foreign countries 

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Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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