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Omanuna Invest Easy

The Invest Easy (One Stop Shop) is an online portal that enables business owners and investors to get the business procedures done easily in a short time.

This project is headed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI). The project is a joint initiative with participation of ITA and 5 other government entities:

Ministry of Manpower.

Royal Oman Police.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Oman Chamber of Commerce.

Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.

The Invest Easy is aiming at achieving the following:

More efficient licensing and registration processes.

A single login for Government circulations, information and online services related to business.

Online access to the portal 24/7 and transactions can be paid online through the ePayment Gateway.

Multi-channel access points to services: web application, mobile application, web services, and service providers like SANAD, lawyers and auditors.

A secure environment where businesses

The project contract was signed on 8th of December 2013 and it was planned to be executed as 6 milestones where each milestone is to take 4 months duration to be achieved. In each milestone, a new mobile app version will be launched and a refreshed website with a new set of services will be implemented. At the current stage of the project, all six milestones are achieved successfully.


At the moment the project has launched the following:

77 e-services and 6 versions of the Invest Easy portal.

25 mobile services and 6 versions of the mobile app.

The project has initiated a call center.

The project has established the first e-Services Support Center in Oman.

The e-services launched are used already by over 260,000 users.

The 23 entities who are integrated has consumed over 6 million data.

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