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The Ministry of Education honors graduates of the “Teaching English for Young Learners” program in cooperation with the US Embassy in Riyadh


The Assistant Deputy of the Ministry of Education for General Education, Dr. Fahad bin Hammad Al-Tamimi, honored  , the graduates of the “Teaching English Language for Young Learners” (TEYL) program, in partnership with the United States Embassy in the Kingdom, in the presence of the American Counselor for Public Affairs, Melissa Clegg-Tripp 

Dr. Al-Tamimi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the members of the US Embassy in the Kingdom and its representatives for their interest in the program and their efforts to present it in the desired manner, via George Mason University, USA 

The Assistant Deputy of the Ministry said, “I am pleased to celebrate today the graduates of the English Language Teaching for Young Learners program, which is the fruit of cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Embassy of the United States of America.”  He added, “I congratulate the graduates for their success in this quality program, which will have a positive impact on the level of their careers

Dr. Al-Tamimi added, “The program targets an elite group of English language teaching specialists in the ministry and the educational community in order to achieve the goals of including English language education in the early grades of primary stage. These goals were approved by the Ministry of Education in the current academic year due to the status of this language scientifically and economically. In addition, the fact that the program represents the first stage, which will be followed by the second stage, and includes training (5,000) English language teachers at the primary stage in all education departments in the Kingdom  

For her part, the Public Affairs Counselor at the Cultural Attaché at the US Embassy, Melissa Clegg-Tripp, expressed her pride in the partnership with the Ministry of Education to achieve the goals of the “Teaching English for Young Learners” program that will broaden horizons in many jobs, fields, and sciences, tourism, multinational business, and the arts and media. All of these areas are important to the Kingdom’s vision 2030 

Badriya Al-Ghanim, Director-General of Scholarships, indicated that the Ministry of Education begins the launch of the second phase of training 5,000 teachers. The ministry works with training departments in the regions and governorates that have nominated supervisors to transfer knowledge and train their colleagues in the educational community. She noted the complementary roles with success partners in the English Language Center of the Agency for General Education in achieving the optimal investment of their abilities in a manner that serves the educational process and achieves the localization of training.

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Ministry of Education – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Premium Education to Build Universally Competitive Knowledge Society

Partnerships With The Civil Society Organizations

The Ministry of Education confirms upgrading its services provided to its employees as it senses its main objective of the educational process, which is the student. The Ministry has established, with a number of relevant authorities, companies that serve the student in particular, the teacher and the Ministry’s employees in general, by providing qualitative and distinguished services.  These partnerships include Signing a number of agreements with entities with educational activities for students and teachers with the aim of improving work, building bridges of communication and integration between government and private sectors and activating the roles of charitable and voluntary community institutions to serve community members

These partnerships provide many consultations, training workshops, holding relevant events, activities, and seminars, and gaining experiences between the two parties regarding the work environment in order to achieve the Kingdom’s vision towards integrating and activating roles between the public and private sectors.  These activities include civil society organizations through student care, qualifying specialized cadres of teachers, establishing the values of quality education and raising the efficiency of the educational environment, in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030 in the education sector, and empowering women and helping them in the economic aspect to raise the efficiency of performance

The ministry has signed a number of local partnership agreements with relevant authorities which include

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Ministry of Education – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Premium Education to Build Universally Competitive Knowledge Society

Partnerships With Saudi Associations For Rehabilitation And Development


The Ministry of Education represented by the General Department of Special Education in the Agency for Educational Programs, has concluded memoranda of understanding with Saudi charitable societies for the rehabilitation and education of students with special needs and special education. The Department of Special Education has concluded an agreement with the Saudi Society for Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder “Eshraq” in the field of educational and rehabilitative services for people with ADHD to serve those with ADHD in a number of areas represented in the exchange of technical and advisory expertise, and awareness fields.  The services include 

measurement and diagnosis, development of evidence for people with ADHD, specialized workshops and training programs, cooperation in the field of research of common interest in addition to improving the school and classroom environment in ADHD programs, and providing strategies and training skills to families in the comprehensive special education channel in a number of fields 

These comprehend education through play, social skills, media design, language and mathematics, early intervention, behavior modification, and functional and physical rehabilitation 

Based on that agreement, awareness films, specialized guides, and training courses were issued to rehabilitate and educate students with special needs and special education 

The General Department for Special Education has concluded an agreement with the National Project to Identify talented students and the National Olympiad for Scientific Innovation. Another partnership has been endorsed with King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba”. These partnerships were made to improve the talented programs throughout the Kingdom

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Ministry of Education – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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