Education in Qatar

The Covid-19 Challeng

   Following the closure of all public and private schools and universities on March 10, 2020 to control the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) acted swiftly in designing an effective alternative to the physical classroom, ensuring that all students are able to continue their learning and not fall behind in their studies.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education launched a new online learning platform called “Mzeed”. This platform offers digital and interactive resources prepared by a qualified team of teachers, early education mentors and curricula specialists. Students can find many resources on this platform including interactive books, textbooks in PDF format, video, audio and many other digital learning materials that enrich the student’s education. Through this platform, the Ministry aims to boost the learning process of the students by providing explanation in an interesting and interactive way, without the constant need to connect to the interne

The Ministry also launched the platform of “Qlearning” facilitating and supporting all distance learning services. To visit this portal click here 

For students who did not have the equipment or access to e-learning, the Ministry, through its collaborations with the telecommunications networks in Qatar, has provided computers, tablets, laptops and hundreds of broadband devices for Internet access to students who needed them for home-based learnin..

About the website of the Ministry of Education in the State of Qatar


Education in Qatar

Designing creative and inspiring schools that produce independent, confident, and self-reliant critical thinkers is driving education in Qatar. This push to build a world-class educational system aligned with international standards is crucial to Qatar achieving its national 2030 vision and transforming into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development. The leadership has made a substantial investment in education at QR. 22 billion in 2020 

K-12 system

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education supports and oversees education in Qatar. A robust, diversified, andever-expanding K-12 system provides a broad set of schooling opportunities to meet the individual needs of students and their families.These include 208 public schools serving more than 196,000 students; and more than 310private schools serving approximately 200,000 students. These schools offer differing curricula and serve a variety of nationalities 

Holding teachers to high standards is at the heart of successful schools. The Ministry recruits, licenses, and supports teachers in a variety of ways, including manytraining options. The Ministry has invested substantial resources in teacher training and development.Qatar is committed to continuous improvement of education by incorporating best practices and standards from around the world – while always ensuring these improvements are compatible with Qatari values and culture 

Higher Education

Qatar has a well-established system of higher education that continues to grow.The colleges and universities in Qatar serve not only its own citizens and residents, but are a regional hub. Qatar attracts students from all over the world, particularly the Gulf.Qatar University is the flagship public research university in Qatar.Alongside Qatar University are 27 other private and public colleges and universities, including branches of world- renowned higher education institutions, supported by Qatar Foundation.The Ministry provides scholarships to qualified Qatari students to attend an approved list of colleges and universities both in Qatar and abroad. For more information about scholarship programs, visit the link here 


Education Strategy

2018 – 2022


The education sector is key to meeting the development goals of Qatar. The state’s permanent constitution enshrines education as one of the main pillars of social progress. Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV2030) aims to build the capacities of Qatari citizens by establishing world-class education system that offers exceptional opportunities for quality education and training.

In light of this, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has been playing a key role in implementing the Education and Training Sector Strategy (ETSS) 2011-16. Considerable challenges, as well as invaluable outcomes, have been associated with the strategy.

Building on the experience of this strategy, the Ministry used an outcome-based approach for developing the Education and Training Sector Strategy 2018-22. This second ETSS is currently implemented in coordination with the rest of the state sectoral strategies, and led by the Statistics and Planning Authority.

The ETSS 2018-22 executive summary highlights the goal, objectives and main components of the strategy and how relevant it is to the state plans and strategies. It further explains the implementation and follow-up mechanism used to reach a consolidated approach for all parties involved in the education process.


About the website of the Ministry of Education in the State of Qatar


Education Minister Participates in 18th Conference of Ministers of Higher Education, Scientific Research in Arab World


During her participation as head of the Qatari delegation, Her Excellency Ms. Buthaina bint Ali Al-Jabr Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Education and Higher Education, has spoken on behalf of the State of Qatar at the 18th Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Arab World currently being held in Algeria, which focuses on “Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Arab World by 2030: Vision and Directions.”

Her Excellency Ms. Buthaina Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Education, has said that we need to consider the future of education in the remaining ten years of the Sustainable Development Agenda, identify the most urgent needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and identify challenges and priorities, in order to develop recovery plans and meet such needs in light of the 2030 sustainable development goals. Her Excellency has appreciated that ALECSO included the draft Arab education plan in emergencies and crises within its programmes.

Her Excellency the Minister added that university is the center of gravity of the educational system in any country, as it actively contributes to the development of human capital with high scientific skills and abilities, and that we need to develop educational policies capable of qualifying graduates for future jobs, a future with rapid changes and serious challenges. We live in times of successive new developments in knowledge, education and training, and associated technological, social, economic and environmental developments, and development in artificial intelligence, stressing that one of the most prominent challenges of tertiary education will be harnessing artificial intelligence to improve teaching and learning, and creating new learning opportunities for university students and providing them with the skills and knowledge that qualify them to successfully enter local and international labor markets.

On the reality of higher education and scientific research in the State of Qatar, Her Excellency affirmed that Qatar has experienced an increasing and diversified growth in the number of higher education institutions in collaboration with the most reputable international higher education institutions, bringing the number of such institutions in 2021 to 32. All such higher education institutions offer 365 academic programs across various specialized educational tracks, providing students with a range of learning options, in addition to delegating students abroad on scholarships to pursue their studies.Furthermore, the number of scientific research institutions and centers has grown steadily in Qatar, bringing their number to 33 centers and institutions, with various interests across various topics such as environment, energy,medicine,entrepreneurship, computing, social, human and educational studies, technological innovations and sustainable development.​

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