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البرلمان……Parlement: vaststelling van wetten

Parlement: vaststelling van wetten

Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh

Shtayyeh is a Palestinian politician and economist, born in Tell, Nablus in 1958. In 1976, he went to Birzeit University to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration.
Shtayyeh went on to receive a PhD in Economic Development from the Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex in Britain.
Shtayyeh acquired many political, economic, and professional leading positions in Palestine. The most notable were: Professor, and Dean, at Birzeit University; Yasser Arafat, appointed him as the president of Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR). And later was appointed as Secretary-General of the Central Elections Commission (CEC) which supervised the first elections in 1996.In 2005 he was appointed as Minister of Public Works and Housing and re- took this Ministry again in 2008. He was elected as a member of the Central Committee of Fateh Movement in 2009 and 2016.
In addition, Dr. Shtayyeh holds many other positions, including; Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the Arab American University; a board of trustee member of both Al-Quds University and Al-Istiqlal University . He is also the chairman of board of SOS Children’s Villages; the governor at the Islamic Development Bank; and the president of Hassib Sabbagh Prize for Engineering.
Dr. Shtayyeh participated in many political and development initiatives. He was entrusted with most of the development and reconstruction programs of Palestine. In addition he participated in the establishment of the Palestine Development Fund; the Palestinian Housing Council; The National Institute for Information Technology. Shtayyeh also established Centre for Regional Studies and the National Institute for Administration in order to train the public sector employees. He was also a member of the Palestinian Delegation to the Madrid peace negotiations and Washington’s peace talks. Shtayyeh represented Palestine during meetings with donors and the World Bank Annual meetings.
Shtayyeh was the head of the Palestinian delegation to the multilateral negotiations on economic and regional cooperation which included talks on trade, finance, infrastructure and tourism in the Middle East. He also headed the meetings of the Economic and Social Conference of the Group 77 plus China in 2019 on behalf of Palestine.
Dr. Shtayyeh published a number of books on economic, development, and political studies as well as History .The latest are: Palestine: A Developmental Perspective; The Encyclopedia of the Palestinian Terminology; The Concise History of Palestine; Israeli Settlements and The Erosion of Two States Solution Municipalities and Local authorities and their role in economic development. In addition he is the author of a collection of short stories “A Wreath of Thorns.”

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