The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita chaired, on May 25, 2023 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the celebration ceremony of Africa Day, which is held in the context of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the African continent

In a speech on the occasion of Africa Day, which coincides this year with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the African continent, Mr. Bourita said that “our conception of Africa’s future lies at the heart of the Vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, recalled at the 29th Summit of Heads of State of the African Union”, noting that “since time immemorial, it is through its African depth that Morocco breathes, radiates and lives its multiple identity, at once multicultural, multi-faith and trans-regional

HM the King, added the Minister, “has cherished these relations more than anyone else”, stressing that the Sovereign has sublimated them, by instilling, in the continuity of the work of His Glorious Ancestors, a new dynamic with brotherly African countries, a dynamic that establishes the Kingdom as a committed partner, mobilized and determined to meet the challenges of peace, security and development, throughout Africa

Under the leadership of His Majesty the King, the Kingdom is also contributing all its energy, mobilizing all its efforts and sharing its know-how, in the service of structuring projects, said Mr. Bourita, citing, in this respect, the Africa/Atlantic gas pipeline project, linking Nigeria and Morocco through the countries of West Africa, as well as the system of accessible and adapted fertilizers set up by the Kingdom to meet the needs of African farmers, and which carries the promise of better yields and greater food security

“Supporting each other, unlocking the enormous potential of our Continent, and thus accelerating the sustainable growth and inclusive development of African economies: this is how we see the continuum between independence and development,” he noted

“In a global context shaken by crises – political, economic, health and ecological – our African continent can no longer afford to be a mirror that reflects back to the world the image of its challenges. It must reflect the promise it makes to the world”, emphasized Mr. Bourita

He added that, under the leadership of His Majesty the King, Morocco has indeed been working hard to get things moving on the Continent, taking a practical approach far removed from the logic of diplomatic coups and demagogic one-upmanship

The Minister also stressed that “the founding reign of His Late Majesty Mohammed V – May God have Him in His Holy Mercy – was in phase with the struggles for liberation, in Morocco and in Africa

“The late Sovereign – Father of the Nation – also made the Kingdom a land of welcome and rallying for liberation movements and African independence leaders”, he recalled, pointing out that Berkane, in eastern Morocco, was the sanctuary of liberation movements from the farthest reaches of Africa. He recalled that Nelson Mandela, Samora Machel, Agostinho Neto, Amilcar Cabral – among others – had their quarters there

“Heir and Companion in the struggle of His illustrious Father, the late His Majesty Hassan II – may God rest His soul – has, in turn, spared no effort in the service of the stability and independence of brotherly African countries”, continued the Minister, noting that on several occasions, Moroccan soldiers have fought alongside brotherly African countries, and shed their blood on their soil, in the service of independence and the preservation of territorial integrity

“The Founding Fathers of Pan-Africanism and African independence, always knew that to move forward, Africa had to know where it came from,” he said, explaining that “this is why Morocco has decided, to pay tribute to this shared history and our common destiny, to finalize one of the most important memorialization projects of the period of African independence, weaving the Ariadne’s thread between History and the Present that links the 54 States of the Continent

We believe, in fact, that it is important for Africa to reappropriate its +Narrative+; to enhance its cultural heritage and nurture its collective identity,” he maintained

“To take part in this, Morocco has set up a series of memorial initiatives designed to ensure that the flame of remembrance of the struggles and common battles for freedom and independence on our continent is never extinguished”, noted Mr. Bourita

The anniversary, which coincided this year with the commemoration of Africa Day (May 25), was an opportunity for participants in a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, to dwell on the unifying role of the late HM Mohammed V during this decisive period, having mobilized the Kingdom’s resources immediately after its independence in 1956 in the service of the liberation movements of brotherly African countries, in an atmosphere of pan-African communion and solidarity

The ceremony, attended by members of the government and numerous ambassadors from countries accredited to the Kingdom, was marked by the screening of a documentary on “Morocco and liberation movements in Africa

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