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Abdeljabar Moustahwid is an ambassador

Abdeljabar Moustahwid is an ambassador of Moroccan and Arab music and masterpieces

The fact that there is no art and the truth of those who said that music is the only language that humans understand without education or explanation, it refines the soul and soul, and it is the language of souls that knock on the doors of feelings. Music has many benefits, and it has become a common treatment nowadays, after a long search for its importance and aid in healing. Note that music expresses the feelings of the soul, and the feelings we want to convey, such as the feeling of love, happiness, sadness, and enthusiasm, and the ancients used it as an expression of transcendence and access to transparency.

The Moroccan immigrant artist Abdel-Jabbar Al-Matahoud is truly an ambassador for Arab and Moroccan music and masterpieces, and he has great services in this field. He immigrated to European homes during the year 1989 in order to refine his talent and delve into the world of music in its various directions. Destiny led him while studying for the Belgian neighbors in Liege, and he merged In her academic institute of music, and after some stage, he decided to deepen his research in Germany to find important international techniques, where he made his reputation during his musical activities and was able to gain the admiration and recognition of a number of great world musicians, according to a statement.. Abdel-Jabbar did not hesitate to present Moroccan and Arab art in forums and technical meetings. Where he was famous for his artistic skills, preserving his Arab identity and his Moroccanness.

He loves his homeland and considers it the inner feeling and the sense of belonging to it no matter how far the distances are, and it is an innate feeling that grows in him..

And we repeat my homeland, you who I loved since childhood and grew up in it and in my heart, and you are the one that lovers sing about and I sing their nights at night, you are like the chant of life and you are the smile of a lifetime. My homeland belongs to others in love with you, and I adore it, and the homeland is security, tranquility and freedom. He says: I visit him every year and whenever circumstances permit me, I work to introduce Moroccan and Arabic music throughout Europe and all the songs of the homeland I repeat on all occasions. My homeland is belonging, loyalty, sacrifice and redemption.

Moroccan music is diverse and rich in originality and genius that embodies the level of Moroccan composers

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